Cabinets: What You Should Know

Whether building your own Cabinets or buying them from a retailer, we all face many difficult questions that must be answered before setting down what could be a costly but rewarding path. It's common knowledge that rejuvenating the kitchen is one of the quickest ways...

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Cleaning Laminate Countertops

You’ve picked the color, added the trim and backsplash, and have a sparkling new countertop to brighten your kitchen. Now how do make the laminate stay attractive for the long run? Protect: Use hot pads or trivets to prevent burns and cutting boards to avoid scratches...

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DIY Countertop Project

Thanks to Dan DeLeon, who wrote us about his DIY counter top project. Please share your pictures and projects with us and we will post them here. It was much easier to install the sink then we thought.  We must have watched your video 20 times and were pretty nervous...

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