DIY Countertop Project

Thanks to Dan DeLeon, who wrote us about his DIY counter top project. Please share your pictures and projects with us and we will post them here.

It was much easier to install the sink then we thought.  We must have watched your video 20 times and were pretty nervous but it surprised us how smoothly it all went.  We’ve had the sink in since the end of June with absolutely no problems.

I am a supervisor at a local plant and I displayed our pictures there,  the comments were “I can’t believe it’s not granite”  and “I didn’t know you could put and undermount sink under laminate, I want one”.  We told them you were the only ones we could find that did the ogee edge, and you had great prices on your undermount sinks and a large selection of models.

After waiting months for the Formica Company to unveil their ogee edging with no possibility in the near future, we discovered you had already done so!  Thankfully, as my wife was adamant about the edging.  We did everything by ourselves with no professional help. My sister is planning on remodeling her kitchen and she will definitely be coming to you when they start.

Thank you, again, you saved us thousands of dollars, and your customer support is the best!




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