Cleaning Laminate Countertops

You’ve picked the color, added the trim and backsplash, and have a sparkling new countertop to brighten your kitchen. Now how do make the laminate stay attractive for the long run?

Protect: Use hot pads or trivets to prevent burns and cutting boards to avoid scratches other blemishes.
Products: Don’t use highly abrasive cleaning solutions on laminate counters. Soft cloths are preferable to any scrub brushes and pads. Here are some recommended cleaning products:

  • Fantastik®
  • Windex®
  • Glass Plus®
  • Formula 409®
  • Dawn®
  • Mr. Clean®

Go Easy: For most clean-up, simply apply soap and water onto the surface with a soft cloth. Don’t over-saturate the laminate, especially around the seams where water could seep beneath and warp the wooden substrate.

Spills and Stains: If you spill drain cleaner on the counter while trying to fix the sink, wipe it up immediately and rinse several times with water. The lye in the drain cleaner can cause permanent damage to the surface.
Hair, textile and food dyes can cause permanent stains. Wipe up all spills immediately with dishwashing detergent or an all-purpose cleaner.
For stubborn spots use a paste of baking soda and water. Let it sit for half an hour, then rub with a nonmetallic, nonabrasive scrubber. For a greasy stain, use a little rubbing alcohol.



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