New Patterns in Laminate – Wood, Granite, Marble, Fiber

The technology of 4 color printing has resulted in a large array of patterns in laminate. We have added many new Wilsonart and Formica choices in patterns that simulate granite, engineered stone, wood grain and fiber.

The broad color selection allows you freedom to develop your interior design around a favorite hue. Collecting and comparing laminate samples is a lot simpler than searching through the large slabs at the stone yard.

You can order free samples from our site! Simply locate the patterns that interest you and fill out the form. 

There are very close facsimiles to marble and granite patterns. The wood patterns in oak, maple and walnut are warm and natural, and like all the laminate, durable and easy to care for. Soapstone patterns have a slight stippled texture, and come in many more colors in laminate than you will find in natural materials.

The low prices of these countertop materials  allow you to update the look of your home as trends change without spending a fortune. Bevel-Edge supplies sheet laminate, edging, backsplash and even color caulk to match your pattern choice.

Here are some samples of the most popular choices in these simulated styles:

Granite Pattern Formica- Blue Storm

Wood pattern Wilsonart - Fusion Maple

Wood Pattern Wilsonart - Fusion Maple

Marble Pattern Formica - Calacatta Marble








Wood Pattern Wilsonart - Montana Walnut

Slate Pattern Formica - Madras Indian Slate

Fiber Pattern Wilsonart - Silicon EV




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