Cabinetmaker Warehouse Welcomes SeamFil

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With experience, comes knowledge and we here at have over twenty years of experience in the countertop fabrication industry. The knowledge we have gained in the field & from our own meticulous trial and error efforts has allowed us to become the go to resource for homeowners and trade professionals alike.

When we decide to take on a product or line of products, we ensure that they are held to the highest standards of quality. We would not recommend an item if we would not use it ourselves and we certainly would not sell the item to our customers if we weren’t completely convinced it was the best option available.

We get many requests or suggestions for certain products but this next one we will now introduce is something we have used for decades. If we needed to repair nicks in laminate, fill seams or make gouges disappear, there is only one product that stands the test of time. For fifty six years, SeamFil has been doing just that, providing homeowners and fabricators with a perfectly matched solvent for laminate countertops that will hide defects for the life of the counter.

Resistant to moisture and detergents, SeamFil bonds directly to the laminate becoming a permanent part of your counter that does not require any additional maintenance or care. Bonding takes place in as little as an hour but if more time is needed, we recommend using the 944 Retarder.

Since it is solvent based, SeamFil will not freeze and it can withstand heat up to one hundred twenty degrees. Once dried, it takes on the appearance of a matte finish however, the 943 Clear Gloss can be added to give it that high gloss look. With easy to use mix charts, it’s no wonder this is a shop favorite.

If you have a nick in your laminate countertop trim, a gouge on the counter itself or if you just want to fill in a seam or joint, the only product we use is SeamFil.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Google+ .




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