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Welcome To The Official Cabinetmaker Warehouse Blog

Our Purpose

We have launched this blog to share expertise and tips about new products and services. We hope to become a valuable source of information for countertop fabricators, cabinet shops, and DIY home remodelers. We welcome your comments.


History of Cabinetmaker Warehouse

We would like to share our history with you. Our company was started as a reaction to poor customer service our owner had received when he was in the cabinet making business. It wasn’t long before Ethan was selling building supplies to others within his area, with an inclination to expand to reach more people around the Unites States, and that’s just what he did. The Bevel-Edge.com website was created in 2004 with the expectation of building awareness in our brand. Initially we started selling laminate countertop edge moldings and that has evolved to offering a full line of sinks, functional cabinet hardware and the thousands of other products we offer today. Cabinetmaker Warehouse is now recognized, as the industry’s foremost distributor of Countertop Edge Moldings and Karran Sinks. We have also been recognized as the number one source for both Formica & Wilsonart laminate sheets.

To better represent ourselves to our consumer demographic, in September of 2013, Bevel-Edge.com officially became known as CabinetmakerWarehouse.com. Our new name more accurately depicts who we are, what products and services we provide and the types of professionals we cater to. We are continually expanding and improving upon the products and services we offer to ensure we always fulfill our customers’ needs. Even through the great recession, so it has become known, we continued to source out the products our customers needed to prevent them from having to shop multiple locations for a single project.
Want to learn more visit our About Us Page.


What’s to Come?

This blogs intent is to educate the general public and to inform you of what’s trending… To offer you bite size bits of informative blog postings that help you better understand the world of laminate countertops & kitchen hardware. With that in mind, we have decided to do several small series to include the following:

Series 1: Cabinet Hardware
• History on Blum Hardware
• How to Choose the Right Hinges
• Different Hinge Types
• Drawer Slides 101
• Cabinet Hardware Terminology

Series 2: Laminate
• History of Laminate to Include Formica & Wilsonart Humble Beginnings
• Which Laminate Should I Choose
• How to Measure Your Countertop for Laminate & Trim
• How to Clean & Maintain your Laminate Countertops
• Laminate Grades & Finishes
• List of Supplies You Will Need
• Upcycling Samples & Left Over Laminate
• Laminate Terminology

Series 3: DIY Cabinetmaker Warehouse style
• How-To Build a Laminate Countertop
• How-To Put New Laminate over Existing Laminate.
• How-To Install Laminate Countertop Edging
• How-To Install Undermount Sink
• How-To Adhere Backsplash to Wall and Countertop

Series 4: Trade Professional Resources to Share with your Customer
How-To Mix SeamFil and Mixing Charts 
How-To Get the Perfect Caulk Bead
How-To Install Lazy Susan’s
How-To View Laminate Finishes



While you’re waiting for each Series topics to roll out…Why not read previous post:
Cabinetmaker Warehouse Welcomes SeamFil
Installing Karran Undermount Sinks
New Pattern in Laminate- Wood, Granite, Marble, Fiber
Formica Releases 7 Brand new 180fx Patterns for 2011



We are looking forward to making a connection with you.

We are always open to new suggestions and ideas. If you don’t see a topic we have listed above, that you would like for us to cover, please email us @ [email protected].
Make sure you bookmark this page so you can see what we are up to. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow our blog. As well, you can follow us on any of our social media outlets. Finally, we want to extend a special “Thank you,” for visiting our blog today. Until next time.

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