Sink Installation

Cabinetmaker Warehouse offers a variety of Sink Installation Router Bits to make installation a breeze regardless of the surface you’ll be working with. For laminate we recommend the Karran 10 degree bevel bit with oversized nylon bearing. For solid surface you may use the Karran 10 degree, 24 degree, or 45 degree bevel bits. They provide an attractive profile while reducing sanding and finishing time because of the greater angle variation between bowl wall and beveled profile. We also offer the Karran 15 degree bevel bit for postform laminate. Additionally, you’ll find the complete collection of Amana Tool Sink Installation Bits for a wide variety of bowl brands & styles. The right router bit makes all the difference when it comes to installing a new sink. Reduce your stress level & get the best deals on sink installation bits from Cabinetmaker Warehouse.

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