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What is Vertical Grade laminate?

Vertical Grade is a thinner laminate that is ideal for use on low wear surfaces such as cabinet faces and sides, doors, furniture, etc.

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Ask product or project questions and find answers to common questions others have already asked. We feature How-to videos for common projects like building laminate countertops, installing undermount sinks and even replacing cabinet hinges and drawer slides. You’ll also find a helpful collection of installation guides for many products found in the kitchen, bathroom and closets. We even share our Customer Projects so you might find the inspiration you were looking for. Have a project to share with everyone? Upload the details now!

Customer Projects

Countless Cabinetmaker Warehouse customers have transformed their kitchens and living spaces with our products and shared those projects for all of us to enjoy. We love seeing Before & After shots, providing you with installation support and hearing about how your hard work paid off. Got a DIY story of your own that you would like to share? Upload your pictures and story and share it with the world!

We just received an update on a DIY bathroom rehab project from our customer Jennifer in Philadelphia. She was able to rejuvenate her bathroom by adding a natural stone look with Capri Taupe peel n’ stick backsplash by SmartTiles. Just measure, cut to size, peel n stick and voila! Click the link below to see just how easy it is to add SmartTiles to your home.

Items Used In This Project:

“I received the order in about a week and everything was in excellent condition. The most important thing was that my wife loved it.”

-James G.

Items Used In This Project:

“I make and install countertops out of my own shop as a second job right now. My full time job is in an ambulance manufacturing company, with hopes of someday being my own business owner in countertops and things of that sort! I was fortunate enough to make these beautiful countertops for a local dentist office. The color they chose was Butterum Granite Matte finish (Formica) and to finish it off they chose the very nice Bullnose edging! This is only one of six countertops I made for the office. They turned out beautiful and the employees couldn’t be happier!

Cabinetmaker Warehouse is very easy to work with and the customer service is extraordinary! When other warehouse and distributors wouldn’t help me out for being a small business Cabinetmaker Warehouse never batted an eye! Thank you! Sincerely.”

-Cody R.

Items Used In This Project:

“Here are the pictures of the counter tops we made for our new bathroom. They turned out great!! We made the vanity and the drawer cabinets too.

Thanks Again for all your help!!”

-Wendy B.

Items Used In This Project:

  • Wilsonart# 4837-38 Terra Roca Velvet Finish
  • Bevel Edge Countertop Trim
  • Bevel Edge Backsplash
  • “The wall unit countertop is Formica Jarrah Legno, the island top in Formica 180fx Petrified wood. Both Look great.”

    -Keith D.

    Items Used In This Project:


    “The customer had his cabinets re-stained and bought new appliances. He was leaning toward quartz but after seeing the Formica laminate offered by Cabinetmakers Warehouse he decided to go laminate with a Karran sink. I have been building tops for 18 years but this was only the second one done in my little garage. Cabinetmakers Warehouse’s ogee edge is tremendous and I will be offering that first to all my future customers. This is the first time I used water based contact cement (wilsonart brand) and it was a little cold in march, so the drying times were extremely slow, but I got the heat up enough to get everything done and there hasn’t been any problems yet! I look forward to more jobs soon!”

    -Chris P.

    Item Used In This Project:

    I remodeled my whole kitchen. I made my counter top and my under mount sink.”

    Item Used In This Project:

    “A before and after of mom’s kitchen transformed into a 50’s cafeteria. The Red Ellipse is incredible Formica and made this Retro possible.”

    Items Used In This Project:

    “I’ve already got the counter installed and it looks great.”

    -D. Johnson

    Items Used In This Project:

    “Hello, I just want to say that your Ogee Edge product was extraordinary and easy to use! I have never made my own laminate countertop and with the video and your product it was so easy. Thank You so much and I plan on doing some more countertops in the near future!”

    -Satisfied Customer

    “We added the bevel edge to finish the counter tops in our kitchen project. The edging is the touch we were looking for. Plus the price was about 1/4 the price form local sources.”

    -Satisfied Customer

    “Having tackled several home improvement projects before, I was a little apprehensive about adding a countertop, trying to make it look right, and getting the open feel that I wanted between my living room and kitchen.

    Cabinetmaker Warehouse helped me save tons of time and several hundred dollars when compared to my local home improvement stores.

    First pic is “Before” with cabinets removed.

    Second pic is the new Bevel-Edge Laminate installed … which one is it, hmmm? With your help I was able to match the existing countertop, color and profile, from the original install, 7 years ago!

    I could not have done this project without Cabinetmaker Warehouse! Thanks.”

    -Gary G., Texarkana, TX

    “Hi Bob K. here,

    Just wanted to share couple of photos of the kitchen counter and splash with you. My wife and I are very happy with the look of our kitchen and to get rid of the ceramic tile counter tops with the grout that looked really bad. I used 5 sheets 4×8 and the bevel edge that gives the solid surface look at a faction of the cost… I did all the work myself, and we are very pleased at the money saved. I think we spent about $1400 that’s with changing the 50 door pulls, the drop lights, and total supplies, PS, I used the gel formula contact cement and it is well worth the extra money over the old liquid cement. I thank you for the fast service you gave me on that bevel edge order. Hope you like the photos.”

    -Bob and Sue K.

    “The beveled counter laminate was perfect. The shipping was great and a relative did it for us…..not hard at all. Counters look new and updated just by replacing bull nose tiles which were awful. Thanks…”

    -Satisfied Customer

    “I recently purchased a sheet of Basalt Slate Formica from you and used it for the tops on these computer desks and printer stand.”

    -Satisfied Customer

    “Just in time for new owner. Great product and company!”

    -Buddy F.

    “I absolutely love my new countertops, they turned out so beautiful. My boyfriend and I installed them in one day without any trouble at all.”

    -C. Laydon

    “It was much easier to install the sink then we thought.  We must have watched your video 20  times and were pretty nervous but it surprised us how smoothly it all went.  We’ve had the sink in since the end of June with absolutely no problems.

    I am a supervisor at a local plant and I displayed our pictures there,  the comments were “I can’t believe it’s not granite”  and “I didn’t know you could put and undermount sink under laminate, I want one”.  We told them you were the only ones we could find that did the ogee edge, and you had great prices on your undermount sinks and a large selection of models.

    After waiting months for the Formica Company to unveil their ogee edging with no possibility in the near future, we discovered you had already done so!  Thankfully, as my wife was adamant about the edging.  We did everything by ourselves with no professional help. My sister is planning on remodeling her kitchen and she will definitely be coming to you when they start.

    Thank you, again, you saved us thousands of dollars, and your customer support is the best!”

    -Daniel D.

    “It turned out great, we did it ourselves!”

    -Danielle C.

    “This was a DIY project we used Straw Terra laminate with 3/4 x 1-3/4 maple for the edging. The laminate installed without major problems and we are happy with the result.”

    -D. Woodin

    “Countertop turned out real nice, I was pleased with how well everything went together. I was able to do the large cabinet section with only ( 1 ) small 4 inch seam behind range. My wife loves it.”

    -Earl C.

    “Thank You. Working with your laminates and edging really brought the beauty to our kitchen when I built these counters.”

    -Frank R.

    “This wonderful kitchen sink and countertop look great. Thank you again Cabinetmaker Warehouse. You help my business stand out.”


    “We are extremely pleased with the final results even though we had some trouble with the initial install. The clear adhesive in the pouches set up very quickly and actually began to harden before we got the formica in place. In trying to hurry the process we got the laminate attached at the wrong place on the base and had to break it all off and order a second sheet of Formica. I strongly advise anyone trying to do this who is not experienced with this to order the gun and buy the Karran adhesive. It has a slower set time and the second try came out beautifully. I also had some trouble with the flush trim bit bearing freezing up and digging into the side of the countertop when I was doing the flush trim. I had to make some small patches to glue over the cuts but was able to match the pattern well enough that they are not noticeable. One nice addition was the accent squares above the cooktop which are made from scraps of the laminate glued to 1/8″ plywood and inset into the accent squares.”

    “This product was flawless. I used my wife’s clothes iron and removed all the old laminate. The old countertop had a round front and a 4 inch backsplash piece. These were heated and unglued from the main piece. We added square pieces along front and back, sanded with 40 grit sand paper and installed Mineral Terra. One 5 by 12 sheet did the whole project; about 20 feet long and eliminated one joint in the formica. Getting lots of wows! We should have bought the Bullnose as it is quite sharp. We love the product and service.”

    “We are very happy with our new countertops. We installed it ourselves – a first time project for us and it went well. Thank you Cabinetmaker Warehouse for great service and a great product!”


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